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Our philosophies
Please read and learn about Hathor Birth Haven philosophies.
Guidelines have been placed to keep up with our philosophies and to keep the environment a safe and happy one. Please take note of the warning system. Thankyou
Welcome to Hathor Birth Haven. Tell us about yourself. We encourage all members to stop in here and tell a us brief post about yourself and what you are looking to get from joining this community. We hope you settle in well.
Attention Newly Registered Members!
Please read here for important info!
Pregnancy pampering
A place to discuss ways of helping with morning sickness, aches and pains and ways to treat ourselves with love and care.
Summer club

Autumn club

Winter Club

Spring club

Labour and birth
Planning Homebirth
A place to discuss reasons for choosing homebirth, ways to achieve it and plan it and a place to support women to overcome any fears associated with birth.
Birth stories
Here we welcome you to tell us your birth stories.
Here is a space to give inspirational and affirming blessings for the Hathor haven goddesses.
Birth trauma
At Hathor Birth Haven we aim to support women seeking validation and help with healing from birth trauma.
Birth support workers
A place for Doulas and Midwives and other birth supporters to discuss supporting women. Members will need to contact Admin to gain permission to view and post in this section.
Post traumatic stress disorder

You have your new precious bundles wrapped up in your warm arms and you want to give him/her the best start in life. Here we can discuss ways to achieve that.
We at Hathor Birth Haven believe the optimal breastfeeding ages are from birth to 2 years plus and believe that our children should decide when THEY are ready for weaning. Sometimes this can be a struggle, but we believe support and affirmations can help you along the way.
Because babies are born to be worn! Chat about your fave slings here!
Cloth nappies and elimination communication
At Hathor Birth Haven we believe that throw away nappies are dangerous and toxic for our children and the environment.
Sleep support
Here we can discuss sleeping issues. We believe cosleeping helps our children and us to feel more safe and secure. We do NOT support control crying.
Health issues
Are these symptoms normal? Is there anything to worry about? Here we can talk about any health issues that pop up.
Child immunizations
Please post any articles or comment on child vaccinations here.
Natural remedies

Toddlers to Teeners
Gentle Guidance

Please use this space to talk about all types of education including homeschooling, unschooling/natural learning, Steiner/Waldorf and Montessori.
Health and nutrition

Goddess lounge

Eco living


Crafty Bits
Whether your thing is crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking or something I can't think of to list, this is the place to chat about it all!
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